Mar 7, 2005

again...i lost my cellphone. i left it sa cab this afternoon. lucky me, our security sa office was able to get the plate number of the cab and i was able to get the name, address and telephone operator this afternoon. im praying i could still get my phone back.

true what they say that when something is taken from you, God gives you something better. in exchange for my lost phone, my group and i got an exemption in my health care class *YEHEY!* atleast i don't have to worry about studying for the final exam. im hoping to get an exemption in my nutrition class as well. if i get that exemption all i have to worry about is my anatomy class and my RLE class.

the semester is ending in a week. it was a good one...but a tough one in terms of things to do and things to study.

*signing off*

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