Nov 7, 2012

Hello :D

Wow. One year of no blogging. Well, not exactly one year of no blogging because I did try blogging elsewhere but that didn't work either. I was hopeful but real life has taken over and having a toddler andblogging is not exactly a good combination.

What has been happening? My little one is not so little anymore as he has turned 2. I'm not looking forward to what they call terrible two's but I am so happy to see so many changes with the little one everyday. T and I are always amazed with the things he can do. He can't really talk yet and that is something we are working on. He says a few words but we are hoping in the coming months he can express himself more with words. Mommy friends are saying I shouldn't really be pushing for it because once he starts talking I would wish he was not with all the questions he would be asking us.  But sometimes it can get frustrating especially when he wants something and he can't express himself verbally.

One of our favorite place for this year is definitely Disneyland. T got us season passes for Christmas and we have been trying to go as often as we could especially since we live so close. We either go when it opens or after nap time to watch the parade. Elijah loves the parade. Even watches it on the iPad via you tube all the time.

We went back home to the Philippines for a two month vacation and it was GREAT! It was nice to be with my immediate family, relatives and having the time to catch up with a few friends. In the beginning I thought the two months will be too long since on the first month, T won't be with us but the two months flew by so fast. I didn't even get to chance to meet-up with all my friends. Too many things to do plus the rain on our the last week of stay didn't help either.  Getting back to routine after the vacation is a different story all together. It was so hard adjusting not only to the timezone but also to just doing the "normal" things.

October was a fun month as we had family visiting us plus it's Elijah's and T's birth month. We also got the chance to go to Vegas again for 2 days. Out of town trips are always a treat and is something that we always look forward too. 

Hopefully this won't be my last blog post of the year. I'm looking forward to blogging about our Japan trip. I have always wanted to go to Japan so this is going to be a really exciting trip for me. Hoping  Elijah is going to be in his best behavior during the plane ride. 


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your little one has grown up. he is so cute

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