May 30, 2004

i went shopping for dvd's again....wha!!!! Posted by Hello

May 26, 2004


He got a shut up note which says "shut up, you're wasting taxpayers' money." I really think he deserves it...nothing was wrong with the note sent. I really think that senate and congress should now start counting the votes--the longer it takes the more chances to cheat. The woman who sent the note, she sould not be cited for contempt. We have freedom of speech in this country as far as i remember.

Got a text message from tems at 10:35 am this morning asking if i wanted to know who won AI---OF COURSE! this AI fanatic wanted to know. To my disappointment, fantasia won. The new AMERICAN IDOL---move over peewee. Posted by Hello

May 24, 2004

after more than a year of being it finally time to say goodbye?

im not talking about my lovelife here--im talking about my phone. i wasn't able to bring my phone to work this morning, sabi nga ni mommy sobrang makakalimutin ko daw. when i came home from work, my phone was not working anymore. asked the maids if nahulog ang phone ko, di naman daw. i was really asar. could you imagine life without a phone? so what i did was to go to the mall and have my phone checked. i first went to semicon, and the guy told me that i would have to leave my phone for 3 days and to just call or come back to know what went wrong. initial charge would be Php550. o gaz! 550 and that was just for the checking. too expensive, so i then went to nokia. they will charge me 500 and the phone would be ready tomorrow. but if they have to change a part that would of course be charged to me. i decided then not to leave my phone and just have it checked with brightpoint, who happens to be our client so i might be able to get a discount. the girl at nokia told me that i will lose everythin stored on my phone and memory card--i will lose one year of memories (the photos) and most importantly, the phone numbers stored.

i remember making an entry a few days ago that i was thinking of trading my phone to an ericsson unit...and i remember telling mica and tita grace last saturday na kahit na ilang beses na nahulog phone ko, never pa sya nasira. wha!!!!!

buti na lang edsel lent me his extra phone, atleast i still get to text and call. maybe this is God's way of telling me to get a new phone....maybe....maybe...and maybe not.


if you happen to get a chance to eat at the chuckie meal and give me na lang the powerpuff doll. i have the blossom doll already but i want the bubbles and buttercup dolls too.


pashy called me tonight to tell me na may adidas sale sa office nya tom. it was suppose to be an employees sale only but they are allowing non-employees to shop tomorrow. wha!!!! im sad because my phone is not working and because i can't go to the sale because i have work. i hope and pray that he gets to buy me shoes and jacket and bag and shirt and slippers....

May 21, 2004

our very own American Midol Posted by Hello

May 20, 2004

the past days has been ok and not ok. my mood is so much like the weather we have here in manila the past few days. the sun is out and all of a sudden it starts raining. one minute i have a smile on my face and the next i feel so sad.

im just glad that bheng is still here in manila. it has been fun spending time together. it's sad because we are missing sassa and mimi. i still can remember the "gimmicks" the four of us had in the past. how we called bheng's house as beer house and at the strike of 12 midnight (since i still had school then or had to go the office the next day) we would all sing closing time. im excited that mimi might come home next year. i hope she does....

been watching AI on abc5 the past three days--it's sad to know that jasmine has been voted out this morning (evening sa states). i hope dianna wins. i hate fantasia--she sounds like matutina to me.

it's friday again tomorrow (TGIF!). i haven't thought of anything to do over the weekend yet...but i sure want to watch shrek 2.

hmmm....what do i wear to work tomorrow????

May 15, 2004


i went to greenhills this morning to help borgy buy stuff he needs for school...all i did was help because mommy gave him money for shopping (how i wish i was a student na lang!). after buying the stuff he needs, we went to where they sell cellphones. i almost traded my phone to a Z200. i super like it because of the color and i was thinking that i dont neeed a phone with a camera anymore because i have a digital camera already. i just didn't trade it because i was so used to a nokia phone and thought that i might have a hard time using an ericsson unit.

today, was also parlor day....kainis to be a girl kasi dami gastos!!!!

was looking forward to doing other things today but to my disappointment after going to the parlor, i was stuck at home.

happy weekend to all!!

May 10, 2004

i love the new look of blogger....just wanted to say that.

for the first time, it took us an hour before we were able to cast our votes. it used to take us less than 20 minutes but i was surprised this morning that the line was long and that the polling area was jampacked. i don't know if it was because a lot of people really went out to vote or it was because the teachers were disorganized.

saw a lot of people i knew this morning. our principal in high school, some of the sisters i used to see, and people in the neighborhood whom used to be snobs but since they were campaigning for somebody they seemed to be friendly today....oh well, that's life.

it felt good to be going inside my old school again--it brought back a lot of memories. hay, im getting old na!

May 8, 2004


campaign period is officially more political ads will be shown on TV (horay!). Just seeing this "infomercials" kuno by candidates makes me think of how much money they put into campaign. and in return how much money they should corrupt in order to fund campaign 3 years from now and of course to get back whatever money they have spent for this year's election.

But do this ads or infomercial really help a voter get to know a candidate? do we vote for them bec of what the ad tells us or we vote for them bec we like the jingle (like that of pia cayetano,mar roxas and enrile), on how they did the infomercial or even because we are a fan of the celebrity endorsing the candidate? I hate that of osmena the most...why do we have to thank him that we have cellphones? di naman sya ang bumili ng cell ko =P isa pa, whatever bills/laws senators make we shouldn't be thankful for because they are paid (with the taxes that we pay) to make laws. TRABAHO nila yun!


so how am i voting this year....i believe this is the first time i am voting intelligently. in the past (i have voted for a total of 4 times already including barangay election since i turned 18), i voted on who was "sikat"--except for ERAP. as i go to the voting precinct later, i am guided by the following criteria: 1. character of candidate; 2. competence; and 3. consistency of candidate. And before writing on that ballot sheet, i vow to pray first and ask for guidance from God.


celebrated mother's day this year with dinner at little asia (yummy food) and dessert at go nuts donuts (you go nuts over the donuts). it was a fun time with relatives again as usual. im really proud to be part of a close knit family. i guess i'm not just proud but do we celebrate father's day?? =)


it's been years since i last went to star city, since enchanted kingdom opened i haven't gone to any other theme park. so when i heard that they have airconditioned the place, i have always looked forward to the day i go to the star city. NOT ANYMORE!!!! i went there saturday night with edsel since we were trying to kill time since i wanted to go to dangwa to buy flowers for the mommies. with no other place to go, and since we were in the area we decide to go and see for ourselves the new star city. at first it was cool--bec the place is cold and may mga tiangge. when i saw the rides i thought, kaya ko ito--chicken! hindi pala. i didn't get scared of the loop of the zyklon loop or the drop in their version of log jam, natakot ako kasi parang ikamamatay ko ang pagsakay bec i just didn't feel safe. feeling ko mahuhulog ako sa seat ko. i just didn't feel safe. moral of the story--never go back to STAR CITY!

To my mom....
My tita's....
To my mommy cousins....
To my mommy friends....
To all the mothers....

Happy Mother's Day
I'm up and blogging!

i don't know how it happened, it just happened. one day i just lost my blog template. it went PUFF!

it took time for me to find a new template....fix it...make adjustments....and now viola! my blab has a new home =)