Jul 31, 2008

still busy

i thought i'ld be able to blog hop, update links, do tags and finish tasks last week but nope. i have not! super busy still. tasks even expired, tsk!
tomorrow is another busy day as i have errands to do. have to go out with my dad too but i hope it does not rain because i hate traffic. my mom and i are planning to visit the derma this weekend. have to get rid of nasty nose blackheads. i have not visited the derma for months and due to stress my skin is breaking out too.
happy friday and weekend to all!

Jul 24, 2008

seatbelt bag

im loving my new bag. right now, i have not seen anyone with a bag same as mine. i kept my other bags for now, as this bag is my current favorite. one of the reasons i love it is because i can put bert (my asus eee pc) inside my bag. my bag may look small, but it's not. super love it.

mortgage quotes

i have about 3 email accounts. one i use for personal emails, another one i used for work and the third email i keep use for tasks and to receive free mortgage quotes. even if i am not buying a property anytime soon, i love looking at properties and quotes and dreaming of one day buying one. you'll never know when you'll need it. i remember my aunt telling me one time that she was looking into buying a property and didn't know where to look. my mortgage quote came in handy as i was able to email it to her and she was able to buy one that she liked and was within her budget.

Jul 20, 2008

busy macy

i have been busy with things, or must i say im doing more important things that i have forgotten blog hoping and blogging. i just have more important things to do but i promise to be back soon and hopefully get more tasks in the coming weeks. i have totally neglected my blogs.

to blogger friends, i promise to update links, to do tags and visit your blogs soon.

Jul 14, 2008

meet my new toys

i love my new friends, ernie and bert.

ernie is a tickle me ernie and then i named my asus bert. i know, my asus is pink but i think bert is gay because he lives-in with ernie. teehee!

Jul 11, 2008

cheetos twisted

im again super addicted to cheetos twisted. it all started after i bought a bag in dumaguete and just 30 minutes ago, my dad went out and i went with him and asked him if we could go to the grocery because i have been craving for cheetos. this has to stop! how could i lose weight if i keep on eating cheetos. i don't want to drink Phentermine like my friend just to lose weight. i know that all i have to do is to stop eating junk food. i promise to just finish the bag i bought and quit eating cheetos just like how i have quit drinking soda.

no longer a baby

time flies so fast.

i just got off the phone with my friend and i can't believe it that his baby brother is already graduating from college this year already. i remember andy as the little boy who we would always play with every time we go to her house. andy is an electronics guru. ask him anything about electronics and he will surely be able to answer any question you have. that was even when he was in highschool. i am indeed getting old already. sheesh!

Jul 10, 2008

business cards

i don't think i have ever posted an entry for the business card i designed for work. i did the design myself because all our web designers were swamped with work and we needed to have our business card already. good thing i found a logo design maker online. that website was a lifesaver! it took 10 minutes to finish our business card layout. our director loved the logo and the business card. here is a screenshot of the website while i was doing our business card.

happy birthday mommy!

today is my mom's nth birthday. honestly, i would have placed my mom's age but i don't know how old she is already. i know she is more than 60 though. 65 i think. i'm super bad for not even knowing. she didn't go to work today instead she went to the salon for her monthly hair treatment. since our maids are still on vacation, she just bought food for lunch. for dinner we ate out. had ice cream (dairy queen) for desert. too much food for the past few days! i should stop eating. my mom who is trying to lose weight said that she might actually need diet pills to reach her target weight by the end of the year. teehee. i think it's because we have been eating out a lot the past few days. anyhoo, eating out and being with family is fun so who cares with all the weight gain.

happy bday again, mom.

what to do?

apart from the need to clean my closet, today i deleted all the files i didn't need. it's taking up too much space in my desktop plus i know i have those files saved in my old laptop computer. i would have to make sure though to back up all the pictures this weekend. i am also thinking of having some pictures printed. i want to have all of them printed but it costs too much. decisions. decisions.

Jul 9, 2008

clean up

that is something i would have to do tomorrow morning. i have to clean up my room and cabinet again. i have to review the books and reviewers i have and see on what are the things i could still use and what are the textbooks i should be keeping for now. i have realized i have a lot of nursing books and some i don't really need anymore. the almost 3 years in nursing school, i have accumulated a lot of things. i have 2 boxes of photocopies i have to sort. i wish i get to do it tomorrow.

missing dumaguete

i miss the quiet city and simple life in dumaguete. i miss the super cheap buy yummy food. i miss just doing nothing and not having to worry about anything. i miss the company i had in dumaguete.

it was such a wonderful city and sometimes when manila gets too crazy, it just makes me want to go back there. soon i hope.


finally have my asus eee pc! im super loving it and i can now blog from anywhere in the house. thanks to our wireless router. my laptop is so nice and easy to use. i was also given extra memory for pictures and other files. this asus is going to be extra useful in the coming months, i just know. oh, did i mention that my asus is colored pink? so cute!

Jul 7, 2008

im back!

after almost two weeks of absence in the blogging world, im back. i went away for a few days for a vacation. the place i stayed at was beautiful and even had home theater chairs in the rooms. the vacation was well worth it. at least i was able to recharge and now ready to do new things. the last two quarters of this year is going to be very exciting. for now, it's just so good to be back. i have a few tasks to finish though and hopefully i get to finish and visit blogs by tomorrow.