Oct 28, 2006

pictures were taken last friday at 4 in the morning. walang magawa si macy....

chachoy the martian

jeff the martian

jake the martian

ang saya!

Oct 26, 2006

i got home 6.30am.i was not able to sleep immediately though because i watched an old tagalog movie which starred nino muhlach. jologs as it may sound the movie was funny and nino muhlach was a very cute 3 year old kid (pero ngayon hindi na!).

i was sleeping by 9am and before 1pm bheng was waking me up already! i texted her before sleeping that she could get amboy's allowance na but i was not able to read her msg that she was going to our house to get it. we watched tv and then went to dencios banawe by 2pm.

we ordered spicy chicken wings, sisig and RHB. kami lang ang umiinom sa dencios! we stayed at dencios till 4pm. we had to go home because i thought i had to tutor lea. when we got home though, my dad told me that lea didn't have assignments since katapos lang ng exam. sayang! had we known, we could have stayed pa sa dencios. we went up to my room to watch tv DAPAT but we ended up sleeping. we woke up before 7, had dinner with mom and dad. we went back to my room, watched tv and then i had to prepare for work na.

we left the house around 9pm. we just dropped her off the mrt station. it was such a short visit but it was sulit because we were able to catch up sa mga kwento.

amishu na agad bheng. sa uulitn....

Oct 23, 2006

after all the complaining, ranting and sleepless nights,the semester is finally over (this calls for an inuman session!).

i finished the report for my community rotation over the weekend and it's ready for submission on wednesday. i am done with our take home exam for my pshychiatric nursing class. i would still need to go to school in the coming days but just to have my clearance signed and to enroll for next semester (gastos nanaman!).

i have 3 weeks of sem break...actually 2 lang dapat because this week is suppose to be exam week, but since wala na ako exam--break na!

originally planned on going to dgte, but due to budget constraints i will just have to stay in manila. hopefully, we get to go home to nueva ecija on nov 1. will just take the much needed vacation next year.

over the weekend i bought two paulo coelho for reading and dvd of the tv series 24 (all 5 seasons). i have also requested for a 4 day work week schedule. that should keep me busy for the next 3 weeks.

im just happy that im now closer to finishing nursing school. next semester is expected to be more grueling than the one that i have just finished. i don't care though. just thinking that i am now so close to graduating makes me smile---konting tiis na lang!


when was the last time you have been to a post office? just asking....

Oct 20, 2006

so, he is gay. obvious naman. teehee

Oct 14, 2006

here are pictures of the community i have been going to the past 2 weeks.

the whole experience has been humbling.

the family that we visit does not have furnitures in their home. what serves as the living room is also the dining room and the bedroom. im not sure if they even eat three times day. the house they live in is not even conducive for living, as the flooring is made up of uneven planks of wood.

it makes you realize how much more you have that others don't have and would probably never have.

we will go back next week to the area to give the house a mini makeover. with the limited funds and time my partner and i have, i pray that we be successful.

more pictures are posted here.

Oct 12, 2006

kanina sa community, may isang bata na nag lalaro ng remote control car. obvious na mahina na ang battery mabagal na ang takbo ng kotse.

nasaharap sya ng laruan, paatras na lumalakad samantalang sampung bata naman ang nakasunod sa kotse. parang lahat sila, namangha sa laruan ng bata.

ang ganda ng eksena. sayang wala akong camera at di ko nakunan.

pero naisip ko lang, dapat nga ba ako matawa o dapat ako maawa.

Oct 10, 2006

i lost another lolo.

my faternal grandfather's brother, Heracleo Dulay Diaz, the only one living succumbed to heart attack last wednesday.

thinking about it, all the lolo's i have at my dad's side of the family died of heart attack.

i was not able to go with my dad and mom as they went to nueva ecija because i had classes and i can't afford to be absent. Burial is on friday, and again i probably won't be able to go because i have duty.

To Tio Akiong, may you rest in peace.


it's cool to be kulot. teehee.