Jan 25, 2006

i am so pink! hahaha!

Your Heart Is Pink

In relationships, you like to play innocent - even though you aren't.
Each time you fall in love, it's like falling for the first time.

Your flirting style: Coy

Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park

Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant

What you bring to relationships: Romance

Jan 24, 2006

im happy...overjoyed...tickled pink...ecstatic...i honestly had a smile on my face the whole afternoon and evening.

to say that i was surprised is an understatement--i was blown away.

thank you for you made my day.

Jan 23, 2006

i saw how a baby who was 28 weeks old fought to live and eventually died.

it made me realize how short life is. it made me realize how lucky i am that i am able to experience how it is to live. and that even if life is not a bed of roses--life is beautiful.

at one point, i thought of why such a young baby should be inside an incubator fighting to live. on why his parents didn't bring him to a bigger hospital where he had better chances of living. but then again he did serve a purpose. he gave his parents a lesson. he gave everyone around him that day a lesson. he may have lived for only 11 hours, but in those 11 hours he has touched my heart.

i will not understand right now how it is to lose a child. i will not understand the pain his parents felt. what i know is that his parents may have lost a son but they have earned an angel in heaven.

and to you chester bryan (we baptized him!), my prayers will always be with your family that you have left behind. that your bothers and sisters will live a good life. and that in time no one else will die because of ignorance and poverty.

Jan 22, 2006

27 last 1.20.2006

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i don't feel like im 27...

alot of people say i don't look my age (tee hee!) and that i look younger (ahem,this is my blog and i am allowed to write anything,hehehe).

when i woke up on my birthday, i actually can't believe that i was already 27. i can still remember my 18th bday. i can still remember my birthday when erap was ousted from office. how time flies! but then again wether you like it or not everyone has to grow old.

i had fun this year though. unlike last year when i had a very quiet birtday. this year it was back to normal since i again had a small party at home. it was a very long day though...my day started at 4.30 am--how i wished i could still stay in bed but since my leave from work was not approved i was left without a choice. i bought red ribbon spaghetti for the people in the office and then after work we went to terriyaki boy for lunch. i headed home right after and prepared for the party at home for family. after dinner we went to sienna high school fair for about 30 mins (grabe,blast from the past!). rode the caterpillar with cousins--ang saya! went back home...had some drinks. and party/birthday ended past twelve. kawawa lang kasi two of my cousins lost their side mirrors! thats the disadvantage of living near banawe. had the chance to sleep before 2am na and then i had to go to duty at 6am the next day. but i am not complaining. i had a great day..feels good to be 27 and i am looking forward to a wonderful year!

pictures posted here.

Jan 2, 2006

woohoo to 2006!

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new year's eve was a B-L-A-S-T!

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aside from the usual callo's, lasagne, barbeque, dinuguan and atbp--japanese was served too. turn's out everyone loves japanese food.

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and new year's eve would not be complete without booze.

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party hostess was tetet-- it was suppose to be a polka dot themed party and could i say that she was well prepared for the night,outfit wise.

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and since most of us were not in a polka dot attire, we just sticked gold coins on our shirts!

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everyone had fun waiting for 12 midnight and the annual countdown...

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a thirteen year-old even got drunk from drinking vodka.

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it surely was the perfect way to say goodbye to 2005 and welcome 2006!

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