Sep 29, 2004


final exams na! im not used to studying anymore...but i really have no choice. what inspires me lang is the trip to dumaguete-bacolod-iloilo-boracay by the end of the month.


Sep 26, 2004

ibank celebrated it's 9th year of being in the banking industry last friday. can't believe i have been with this bank for almost 4 years. the yummy cake from our client.
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In a few days, october na which means:

examination week nanaman sa school--and first semester of nursing school is almost finished...and i thought i wouldn't survive but hey, i did! Hooray for me!

relatives from the US of A are arriving and im excited to see everyone again and to PHARTYYY!!!!

two months na lang, pasko na. it was exciting to see the "parols" along ortigas extension for sale na ulit. feeling ko kakaalis lang ng mga parol, ngayon they are back and im sure in the comming weeks mas dadami na yan.

i have to start thinking of a christmas give away na...something unique but cheap. wala ako budget this year because of all the gastos--i need sideline!!!!

at syempre pa, oktobeerfest na. YUN NA!


i watched the games earlier and im happy that arwind santos got the MVP award (i really thought mac cardona was gonna get it) and that FEU won. With FEU's win, mas exciting ang next hindi ko din naman mapapanood kasi may work and iskul.

i remember how much i enjoy watching the pba and how i adore purefood team. avid fan ako ni alvin patrimonio and jerry condinera. lagi ako pikon if san miguel would win over purefoods. if purefood team was not playing, ginebra ang team ko. the team i hate the most is alaska--up to now i still don't like that team. i enjoy PBA the most pag may awayan, ang war freak ko! buti na lang ngayon di na masyado. miss ko na din ang victorias at ang paglalaro namin ng basketball ng mga cousins ko--TWIN TOWER RULES!!! hehehe...may mga tagahanga pa naman kmi na mga kids na neighbor ng cousin ko. habang naglalaro kmi ng agawan buko, este basketball nakiki cheer din sila. memories....


i was able to watch 2 movies over the weekend. ok, 1 lang kasi ung Bourne Supremacy eh tinulugan ko lang sabi ni marc. little black book was a dvd i bought kay manong and the movie was nice..cute actually. sabi dun sa movie that as what john lennon said "life happens when one is busy making other plans". This is so true. sometimes, i plan so much that i miss on things that happen around me, it's true that i gotta live and stop planning. and that God has prepared surprises for me in this life. that even before i have asked for something, He knows already what i need and that before all the planning i have been making, God has planned my life already. tama ung song sa movie...nobody does it better.

Great week ahead to all!!!

Sep 21, 2004


why the title? i just can't think of anything....hehehehehe!

i remember how i gave our dogs their names (may their souls rest in peace). our first dog was named bakit dahil trip ko. he got killed because of cancer, so we had another dog and he was called ewan this was to answer for our first dogs name. but he had leukemia and left us too. our third dog was named ano dahil wala lang. but he had a myocardial infraction and had to leave earth too. if in the future, may mag bigay sa akin ng dog i have a name waiting for it already--PAKIALAM MO!

im super excited for the vacation im having in october. i do hope we get to finalize the trip already--BEACH here i come!!!

my officemate gave birth to a baby boy this afternoon after 30 hours of labor. weebee to SMIGOL!!!

Sep 12, 2004

Weekend with Ate V and Veh!

to my cousins from mom's side.....we had loads of fun but we missed you guys!!!!

it was a wonderful time to be able to just relax....have nothing to worry about but the sun. enjoy the nice sound of the water, enjoy each others company, and enjoy the yummy food prepared by yashy and company.

we got to batangas at 4 in the afternoon saturday, travel took so long because of the stops we had to make, stop at mc do to eat and stop at fiesta mall ( a mall in lipa) to buy medicine. but the waiting to get to the beach was all worth it.

we had a "bangka" ride with the kids just before sunset, which was nice because there was no more sun and the wind was cool already.

the night was spent sharing stories, eating, listening to kuya louie sing, walking by the beach, sawayin ang mga batang makukulit ( talaga naman, ang kukulit!), watch the koreans dance in the sand without music (di kaya culto yun?!?!?) syempre pa andyan ang picturan and finally by midnight--SLEEP!

it was so fun, even the travel back to manila was fun. sana sa susunod, lahat ng mga cuz makasama na. will post pictures pag sinipag na ako....kasama pa namin si ate v at si veh!

Sep 10, 2004


yipeee!!! im off to the beach today with some cousins...i wasn't able to go on vacation the whole summer season so this is my first time to go to the beach this year--talk about boring life!

it would be a good break from work and school....

so for now, bye manila and batangas here i come!

Sep 8, 2004

What God Hath Promised

God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flowers-strewn pathways all our lives through;

God hath not promised sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow, peace without pain.

But God hath promised strength for the day.

Rest for the labor,light for the way,
Grace for the trials, help from above,

Unfailing sympathy
Undying love...

i heard this poem at church last sunday and i just want to share it with you--yes you!

Sep 1, 2004

first day of the month

when i woke up this morning first thing i thought of was not the usual "office na naman" but "BER na!" how time flies...Christmas is so near!!!!

went to bulacan last sat to attend Dra.Lara's party and it was nice to be with cousins again...didn't take pictures because i was tamad.

our home sweet house is under "construction", meaning ang gulo-gulo and the things in my mom's room and the tv room are all in our bedroom kaya para ako natutulog sa bodega! hehehhee....

my mom told me of a bad news last saturday, manang melo again had a stroke. it was so sad hearing this because i was really praying that she gets well soon and i knew that somehow she was recovering really well from her first stroke. with this news, my mom sent borgy to bacolod to visit his mom. she has been in the icu since saturday and i just pray for God's will. i know that God will not allow anything to happen that it is not in accordance with his plan--pls continue to pray for her and for the rest of the family. i miss manang melo badly and im really looking forward to visiting her on october.

with the midterms finished, im really happy with the midterm grades i got. im starting to enjoy nursing school and have been learning a lot of new things lately. im just tamad because im back to reading and reviewing. i really hope i get to finish nursing school--LONDON here i come!! hehehe...wishful thinking!

i had LASIK in january 2002 and was happy when my vision was back to 20/20...but i guess good things never last kasi may grade na ulit eyes ko. doctor told me that sometimes the eye grade do come back and then stabilizes at a certain grade and sometimes they would just have to do the operation again. she asked me if i wanted a repeat of the operation, my reply---not now. maybe in a year or two if the grade worsens but im not ready and im not willing to undergo LASIK again. wawa naman ang eyes ko!

i have exams tom so i got to stop blabbing and get back to reading....