Jun 26, 2004


kaninang umaga.....

amboy: tita mace, may kakalase ako english speaking
me: kinakausap mo ba
amboy: opo! sabi ko ko po "do you have friends"
me: ano naman sagot nya
amboy: sabi po nya "i don't"
me: anong sinagot mo
amboy: "you liar!"
me: ngek! wag mo sya sasagutin ng ganun.
amboy: pero tita mace, tingin ko marunong naman sya magsalita ng tagalog e. kasi pag mabigat na english na sinasabi ko "huh" na ang sinasagot nya.

hmm...now i wonder kung ano ang mabibigat na english amboy is talking about.

Jun 25, 2004


last thursday, i asked messenger in the office if he could buy me hersheys kisses sa unimart or sa starmart sa may greenhills. of course he said yes, and i gave him 200 pesos. told him to buy me a pack that would cost around 130-160. and i told him also that i wanted the kisses to be plain milk chocolate lang. i don't want the one with almonds or yung mga cookies and cream. i wasn't sure if he understood what i wanted or if he knew what i was talking about pero i had no choice kasi i really really wanted to eat chocolates. when he got back he told me walang kisses but he bought me GOYA SILVER CUPS,milk chocolate din daw. hmm...i had no choice but since i have been craving for chocolates, i ate the goya chocolates na lang imagining na hersheys kisses yun.

yesterday, manang the other messenger in the office asked me if i wanted anything from mercury since my office mate had utos. i asked her then to buy me hersheys kisses. this time since i learned my lesson from what happened with the other messenger, i wrote it in a piece of paper and then just told her to ask or show the paper sa tindera. i gave her 200 again. when she got back she went straight sa pantry. i told my office mate na mukhang successful si manang bec usually if she's not able to buy the things we ask her, she goes straight to us and tell us na walang nabili. so this time i was super hopeful that she was able to buy my kisses....i was so excited to eat kisses with coke light. finally, manang went out of the pantry with a small plastic on hand. i was all smiles--and when she finally got to my table "ma'am walang kisses, pero (hmm...pero pa lang kinakabahan na ako!) i bought you this...." hulaan nyo na lang will blog tom on what she bought me -- JOKE! muntik na ako antakihin sa puso...parang gusto ko mahulog sa chair ko...parang gusto ko umpog ulo ko sa pader....she too like the other messenger bought me GOYA SILVER CUPS!!! milk chocolate din naman daw kasi yun. i was thinking kung kambal ba sila or ako ba ang may kasalanan. ako nga ba...

Jun 22, 2004

ka puso na sya -- 7 na sya kahapon eh. the apartment baby is not a baby anymore. kahit na lagi kita inaaway -- i love you amb's and happy birthday!

Jun 21, 2004


Happy father's day to all!! (late na greetings ko!)

as we celebrated father's day, i too had the chance to remember tatay, wowo and of course my dad.

i have very few memories of tatay because i was only 4 or 5 when he died. i know from stories that he was not only a good father but a very good grandfather. i have this picture which shows me in my imleda papin mode (ha! ako lang nakakaintindi nyan!) and in the picture was tatay, clapping his hands and was smiling obviously in amusement (ok, that's a bit exaggerated). i miss him and i wish had the chance to grow up with him.

wowo was the groovy lolo...he was always on levis maong jeans, he was very dedicated to his work, for him golf was not a mere sport but it was something he loves, a very good grandfather, a great family man and what i remember the most about him was his love for wawa. it was like that of ronald reagan for nancy -- even more. i miss summer vacations in victorias with him and wawa...i always cherish the times he would come to manila for work or vacation..i miss bringing his milk to his room when he had to stay with us...i miss him and wawa...

my dad is the best. i rememeber when more than a year ago, i wrote a TV show to give my dad a surprise party for his birthday. if not for my mom, overnight stardom na (she is not used to tv exposure)! i know parties or material gifts would never be enough to show my love and gratitude to him for everything that he has done for me. i miss him always since he is far and would always look forward to seeing him and spending time with him when he is on vacation.

todah rabah to my 3 dads and to my uncles. i could never give back what you have given me...thank you for the unconditional love, the care and for just letting me feel how great it is to have a father.

Jun 19, 2004

go nuts ko ito! yummy....


Jun 6, 2004


after more than a week of planning, i was finally able to see this movie. i went to watch with amboy and bheng--yes amboy went to watch the movie with us. even if he really wanted to watch shrek2 or harry potter, sorry na lang sya bec kami ni bheng ang nasunod. kawawang bata!

it wasn't the typical filipino movie but it was a typical korean telenovela with one of the lead stars dying. as always, aga was hanSAM in the movie. kristine was very pretty esp without make-up. im just not sure if pandesal with catsup dipped in orange juice really tastes good. i would not even dare try.

after watching sports unlimited...im super excited to go to dumaguete and siquijor---date natin yan sassa ha!!!!